Try Stand Up Paddleboarding on your next vacation

Summer is approaching, and soon the beaches will be filled with people on their vacation. This is you and your family plans to relax, take it easy, have delicious meals without worrying about the calories. All that’s great, but what do we do for our daily exercise routine? We usually take the attitude it is my vacation time and I will get back to my workouts when I get back home. The only problem is most of the time we do not start back up our exercise routine. How about if you had a fun activity to do daily while on vacation and be at the beach at the same time.


Paddleboarding is the newest exercise craze. This is an activity you and your family can enjoy while vacationing at the beach. Paddleboarding is an of fun to do and not lose your workout time while on vacation. Paddleboarding is very much like canoeing with one primary difference. When canoeing, you sit down paddling and when paddleboarding you stand up paddling.

First of all, to effectively paddleboard you have to know how to swim. A little sense of humor also helps when you are trying to master the art of paddleboarding. You don’t have to worry about buying a paddleboard before you go on vacation. Most all beaches have paddleboard equipment available for rent, along with an instructor, if needed.

Paddleboarding Is A Full Body Workout

Paddleboarding is a great core workout. Paddleboarding is great for burning body fat, along with burning calories. The first thing you have to learn is how to balance yourself on your paddleboard. Balancing yourself on your paddleboard is not the simplest thing to do. However, maintaining your balance is repetition. It is kind of like learning to ride a bicycle, you keep trying and before you know it you are riding your bicycle with no problem.

Physical Benefits Of Paddleboarding

Your posture will improve, along with your overall balance. Your good balance will naturally give you improved posture. With paddleboarding, you strengthen all those muscles in your back, stomach, and shoulders giving more overall strength to maintain that healthy posture.

Your stomach and abdominals muscles will become stronger. As you paddleboard, your stomach and abdominals build up strength and stability so you can maintain a good balance and posture when paddleboarding.

Paddleboarding will give your mind a workout too! Remember, when as a young child you got your first bicycle with training wheels. Your primary goal was to learn how to ride that bicycle so you take those training wheels off. Remember the excitement, and, at the same time, being a little apprehensive because you had never ridden on the bicycle without your training wheels? Then, before you knew it, you are riding the bicycle without a problem. You were so proud of yourself and so confident with yourself. Paddleboarding will give that self-confidence and a great mental attitude!

Usually, on vacation, we get away from our everyday diet. On vacation, we have a tendency to think I am on vacation, and I deserve whatever I want to eat. Well, I have great news for you! Paddleboarding burns calories, even when paddleboarding at a moderate pace. Want to burn some more calories? Just add intervals of slow and rapid movements when paddleboarding and you will burn more fat and more calories.

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Looking for a great vacation time at the beach. Look to paddleboarding. When paddleboarding, participants are moving forward while standing of their paddleboard. When standing they will be using a forward motion, by moving the paddle in the same manner as they would as if they were canoeing. Balancing on a paddleboard is essential in learning how to ride a paddleboard. Your paddle should reach all the up to your wrist and if putting your arms above your head, the paddle should extend all the way up to the wrist. Personal flotation devices have to be worn outside the surf area or in a swimming area. A whistle should be onboard to warn visitors. Surfboarding is a great sport to do while on a beach vacation. Because of the forward motion being used, the strength of your core, abdominal muscles, will be strengthen. This is a great activity when vacationing on the beach. You will be able to workout while not missing your fun and time at the beach. You won’t have any workout down time while vactioning and have to play catch up with your workouts when you get back home.